Learn to start a gourmet popcorn store from an expert! Or any small business.

Opening your own gourmet popcorn store or any business you are passionate about can be fulfilling and rewarding when done correctly! There are many things to consider before indulging. Our initial consultation interview will inform you to make the best decision for you and your family and how to proceed to fulfill your dream! 

The initial consultation fee of $600.00 will be an important part of your decision making. Full consulting packages from $5000.00

 Your initial consultation includes: 

  • invitation to tour our store with an overview of how it works
  • the ability to ask as many questions needed to make you feel comfortable moving forward
  • more importantly, us asking you questions you must answer honestly for yourself
  • we trust you will feel comfortable with our knowledge of what to do and what not to do learning from our success and mistakes


If you choose to move forward, you can purchase one of our consulting packages or we will build a consulting package to fit your needs. 

Some options we offer are:


  • real time financials for reference to build your own business plan
  • financing suggestions 


Information for Suppliers:

  • computer hardware, operating system, software for a complete ready-to-do-business startup.  
  • service providers for PC setup and software installation.  
  • assistance with kitchen equipment choice for turnkey operation at best value. 

  • how to locate suppliers of raw materials, tins, baskets (on and offline).  



  • access to our kitchen, full hands-on training with our equipment (likely to be the same or similar to your equipment).
  • how to set up your kitchen for functional use.
  • some recipes (complete recipe book can be purchased)
  • how to create your own recipes


Other Consulting Options Include:

  • what to look for in choosing a location
  • government entities you will need to work with equipment

  • excel spread sheet to calculate cost of goods for correct markup.
  • how to price and sell your products. 
  • access to POParella's to work our retail store front until you feel comfortable.

  • The priceless advantage of learning from our mistakes 


We Love To Help Make Dreams Come True!

 Call or email for more information 214-705-9666 or GDPservicesllc.com



Disclosure: We do not guarantee your success or that you will not encounter situations beyond our control during the process of opening your business or the day to day operations or future of your business. This is not a franchising opportunity. There are no royalties or fees over what is disclosed above and in our packages. We offer our personal and professional experience to you for best chance to succeed in your own business. You will be required to sign a nondisclosure/ non compete agreement before our services are rendered. Payment is required before we proceed.